National Tree Farm and Supply

National Tree Farm and Supply

Urban Forestry Works Tree Farm, The Magnolia Company, is a premier supplier of high quality large specimen trees for the construction and landscape industry. Located in Central Florida, we began planting Magnolias on our tree farm in 1994. Since then, our farm has grown to include live oak, ligustrum, olive, willow oak, bald cypress, drake and allee elm, and crape myrtle trees, all of which are native to the area. This results in tall, healthy and thriving trees just as nature intended.

In addition to this original farm in Barberville, FL, UFW has also acquired and since managed tree farms in Ehrhardt, South Carolina¬†as well as Fort Pierce, Florida. We safely transport the desired quantities of trees to any construction or landscape site nationwide. You can visit each farm’s page to view our diversified inventory.

Large Quality Tree Production

We take great pride in producing a large quality tree with character that commands attention on landscapes. Our expertise in growing material in the ground, root pruning, digging and stepping up into containers has given Urban Forestry Works a long successful history of growing, moving and installing large trees.

This history was an important factor in the inventing of our patented Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS). The lessons learned from growing has aided in the health and success of our tree installation and transplanting services.

Urban Forestry Works would like to introduce our new inventory of large specimen trees. We invite you to come visit one of our THREE farms and tag your trees of choice!

Here at Urban Forestry Works, we believe that the relationship between growing, transplanting and installing trees is advantageous for clients, because it allows us to care for the trees from seedling to maturity. Our goal is to provide clients with magnificent and healthy trees that will thrive in landscapes, and we believe this begins with proper growing techniques and best practices from the ground-up.

Large Specimen Trees

Whether you are a Landscape Contractor looking for large specimen trees to complete a project, or a General Contractor completing a planned unit development, we can help you.  Our national tree farm and supply has a large inventory of the following trees that will compliment any landscape:

  • Magnolia Trees
  • Live Oak Trees
  • Willow Oaks Trees
  • Ligustrum Trees
  • Crape Myrtle Trees
  • Olive Trees
  • Bald Cypress Trees
  • Elm Trees

To order high quality trees from our national tree farm, contact us at 877-807-5271 today! Delivery and installation is available.