on-site tree relocation

Don’t clear and start from scratch. UFW takes great pride in preserving existing trees of value and relocating them to more desired locations. You can’t always replicate age and character.

large tree installation

UFW specializes in packaging, transporting and installing mature specimen trees that showcase high quality and size. After many years of growing mature trees, we have great confidence in handling trees from start to finish.

National Tree Supplier

UFW takes great pride in producing a large quality trees with character that command attention on landscapes. Our three tree farms located throughout the Southeast have served a multitude of projects nationwide.

Every tree Tells a story

Our hope is to continue its story in new locations for future generations to enjoy.

The Box

Introducing Our Patented Large Tree Transplanting System™

LTTS, or more commonly known as The Box, has simplified the art of moving large trees by replacing old practices which have inherent issues. These old practices and issues have been known to create stress on the tree, which in turn, has limited potential client’s expectations and desires. UFW has designed The Box to protect the tree and rootball throughout the digging and lifting process, while opening up huge possibilities for handling and moving. Our goal with The Box is to open up the door for creativity and big ideas for our clients, not to flood them with worries and restrictions.

The LTTSTM Design eliminates pinning & strapping the tree or fracturing the root ball. With three different size boxes we can accommodate all sizes of specimen trees.




  • I would like to thank Urban Forestry Works  for all their hard work, from the pre-dig photos, the logistical management, the planting and irrigation specs, getting ALL the trees on site before I even expected, and the on site expertise. This experience cemented my belief in your capabilities, and I’m grateful. I look forward to many more collaborations with Urban Forestry Works.  Mike Kaiser, Kaiser Trabue Landscape Architecture

  • “DUMON DESIGN worked with UFW to plant a Live Oak Allee using the largets 28 trees available to create the immediate effect DUMON DESIGN wanted to achieve for our clients. Tree sizes ranged from 15” to 23” in caliper with an average height between 40’ and 50’. The moving and transplanting of the trees was performed and completed in according to the specifications in the contract and UFW met the proposed schedule timeframe for installation. UFW’s staff and management were very professional and executed a very successful relocation of all the trees. We are very pleased with UFW’s performance and we would definitely recommend them for any project of this nature.”  Andres E. Montero, Principal, DUMON DESIGN

  • Urban Forestry Works is well known by our firm for growing some of the most impressive large trees available in Florida, and has supplied some of these outstanding specimens for acclaimed projects like Brownwood Town Center in The Villages, helping it sweep the 2014 FNGLA Awards. The methods they have developed for growing, preparing, and transporting these large trees are uniquely innovative and effective.  Michael E. Pape, PLA ASLA, Principal & CEO, Michael Pape & Associates, P.A.

Our trees

Oaks, Magnolias, Ligustrums, Elms, Crape Myrtles, Olives, & Bald Cypress


Urban Forestry Works’ expertise in transplanting specimen trees was derived through years of growing and handling large trees. Our sister company, The Magnolia Company, laid the groundwork for UFW by allowing us to have a deep understanding of the importance of quality work, from start to finish. We take great pride in offering our clients a pallet of large trees to choose from for their construction needs. With experience in growing, handling and relocating large trees, we hope that our clients are given peace of mind with confidence, in their design and landscape plans. The Magnolia Company has been known in the industry for having large specimen trees, such as magnolias, live oaks and ligustrums. Our unique practices allow us to supply, high quality trees, in large quantities.




We are proud of our history, excited about our future, and eager to bring success to our customers.

For the past 75 years our family has been serving the green industry. In 1936, Underhill Ferneries was started by Frank and Mary Underhill. Four generations later, our family business has grown and expanded, but still hold true to farming and quality service within the green industry. After many years of growing and handling large specimen trees, we realized that there was an opportunity to improve the way large trees were being handled and relocated. Through innovation, new technology, and a passion to exceed the market’s expectations, we started Urban Forestry Works. UFW’s mission is not only to exceed the market’s expectations, but to bring history, elegance, and maturity to landscapes. We are looking to change the perception of large tree moving, and take it from a high risk practice to a highly trusted and successful service.