Magnolia Trees for Sale

Urban Forestry Works grows magnolia trees for sale from their national tree farm located in Central Florida. We also grow and ship Live Oak and Ligustrum trees. Often referred to as the symbol of the South, the majestic beauty of …


Large Tree Supplier in Florida for Landscaping and Construction Projects

Urban Forestry Works is a large tree supplier in Florida for landscaping and construction projects. And since our first planting in 1994, our tree farms in Florida have since grown under our care and now offer a variety of healthy …


How Tree Mitigation Solutions Can Save You Money during Florida Land Development

Trees add a lot of value to a property. Not only do they serve as windbreakers and provide natural shade, they enhance the aesthetics of a neighborhood. However, a tree can somewhat be a “problem”, especially in a construction site …


Commercial Tree Installation Services in Florida

At Urban Forestry Works, we provide commercial tree installation services to Florida property owners and general contractors.  The magnolia trees, live oak trees, and ligustrum trees from our national tree farm are ideal to add character to projects like golf …


Why Your Construction Project Needs a Tree Mitigation Service

Urban Forestry Work’s tree mitigation service is an essential part of any construction project. The right tree development strategy helps minimize compliance costs, conforms to local tree mitigation ordinances, and identifies which trees are considered high value and worth relocating, …


A Live Oak Tree Farm That Puts Quality and Family First

At Urban Forestry Works, our Live Oak Tree Farm specializes in the sale and transplanting of mature Live Oak Trees. From the rich soil on the property of our longtime family farm, we sell and transport estate quality Live …


Moving Big Trees has Never Been Easier or More Effective and Mess-Free Thanks to Urban Forestry Works Patented Large Tree Transplanting System

Moving big trees seems impossible to some – hey, it’s even difficult for most landscaping professionals. But with the large tree transplanting system developed and conducted by the team of professionals at Urban Forestry Works, moving large trees is affordable, …


Magnolia Tree Farm: Urban Forestry Works Fosters Beautiful Southern Magnolias

Known for its state-of-the-art Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS), Urban Forestry Works also grows beautiful Southern Magnolias at its Magnolia Tree Farm.  Originally starting out as growers providing wholesale florists with cut greens and growing large specimen trees, the Underhill …


A Big Tree is A Mature Tree: Transplanting Aged Trees with Grace

At Urban Forestry Works, We’ve made it our family’s business to provide our state-of-the-art Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS) to the entire southeast—moving ancient Southern Magnolias and bringing Live Oaks across the country in a fast, professional and careful manner.…


If You Want to Transplant Large Trees, This is What You Need: The Ins and Outs of Moving Magnificence

The southeast is home to some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the country—from the Carolinas to Alabama, all the way south into Florida, there are unique natural ecosystems everywhere.

For the best in large tree transplanting services,


Keeping It Growing: Estate Quality Trees For Sale in Florida

At Urban Forestry Works, we have mature, estate quality Live Oaks and Southern Magnolias to add a well established look to your next project.

We grow our own mature trees and we also work with local growers to provide the …


Mature Live Oak Trees for Sale will Compliment any Landscape

Mature Live Oak trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape style.  These trees are perfect for new construction, designing your dream landscape, or simply to fill a large yard with stately trees.  Live Oak trees provide a large canopy …


Trust Urban Forestry Works to Protect Your Landscaping Investment with Our State-of-the-Art Large Tree Transplanting System

Large trees take years to grow, and they are often an investment of time and patience for their owners.  A stately tree is often the focal point of a home’s landscaping, and if you’re used to a home surrounded by …


Urban Forestry Works Offers Large Tree Transplanting Services and Mature Trees for Sale to Home and Business Owners throughout Texas and Beyond

Whether you’re accentuating a stately home or a state-of-the art office building, you know that your landscaping can say as much about your home or company as the building itself.  Simply put, your trees are an investment.  When you hire …


Large Tree Transplanting by Urban Forestry Works

If you’re looking for a trusted company to transplant big, large-specimen trees in your area, Urban Forestry Works is your answer.

At Urban Forestry Works, we’ve perfected the art of transplanting big trees, ensuring that the tree removal and transplantation …


Large Specimen Tree Services for Your Houston, TX or Dallas, TX Landscape

Urban Forestry Works provides exceptional large tree transplanting and location services to landscape architects, landscape contractors, developers, homeowners, and municipalities throughout Texas.

If you are a grower of large specimen trees in Dallas or Houston, TX looking for preservation, relocation …


Urban Forestry Works: The Standard in Eco-Friendly Large Tree Transplanting

For the past 75 years, the Urban Forestry Works family has been catering to the green industry. The founders of the close-knit, family business began as growers, providing florists with beautifully cut greens. Generations later, the enterprise has expanded, and …


Beautification and Large Tree Transplanting

Transplanting a large tree or moving a selection of large trees to an alternate location is a remarkable way to add beauty, maturity and elegance to a number of settings. Urban Forestry Works can make it happen.

For over 75 …


Mature Magnolia Trees For Sale

Urban Forestry Works has mature magnolia trees for sale that will add “size, maturity and beauty” to any property, because they are estate-quality southern magnolias.  Our magnolia trees will not only add a majestic look to your property, they will …


Large Specimen, Mature Live Oak Trees for Sale

Urban Forestry Works has large specimen, mature Live Oak trees for sale.  We take great pride in the preservation and careful transportation of our mature trees. In addition to cultivating and transplanting large-specimen trees all over the nation, Urban Forestry …


Large Specimen, Mature Tree Transplanting for Georgia Landscapes

The innate charm of Georgia and most other areas of the Deep South is in part due to the mature, large specimen trees that adorn home gardens, streets and historic landscapes.

Decades–and even century–old, Live Oak trees and stately Southern …


Florida On-Site Tree Transplanting by Urban Forestry Works

Urban Forestry Works has taken the high-risk practice of transplanting mature trees and turned it into a safe, trusted process that leaves your landscape looking just how you’ve always imagined.

If you want to move a tree on your Florida …


Urban Forestry Works: Protecting the Historical Integrity of South Carolina Landscapes with Innovative Mature Tree Relocation and Removal Services

South Carolina is known for its southern charm. Cities such as Charleston and Columbia have rich histories that are accentuated by their landscapes – majestic live oak trees, towering southern magnolia trees, and intricate bald cypress trees – some of …