Tree Preservation, On-site Tree Location, Public Works, Historical Trees



Project Location

Fairhope, AL


Installation of 40+ Mature Live Oaks

Project Type

Landscape Architect Specified New Residential Site Large Tree Installation

Urban Forestry Works was approached by the landscape architects Kaiser Trabue out of Nashville, TN to create a mature canopy landscape at a private estate in Fairhope, AL.  The property was a blank canvas for a new build and did not possess any trees or canopy.  UFW supplied, delivered, and installed over (40) large 14″ to 17″ Caliper live oaks that were 30′ to 40′; tall, and large 8″ to 12″; caliper southern magnolias that were 18′ to 22′ tall.  These trees were carefully transplanted to key areas around the main house, guest house, and pool house to create a feel that the trees existed there the whole time.  The landscape architects traveled to our farms to hand select trees with branching structures and faces that would cascade over a wall or bend around a corner.  Trees with leans and bends were sought out so they could lean away from a roof line or over a walkway.  The trees have been a success and have thrived in their new homes, perfectly screening and accenting special parts of the estate.