Beautification and Large Tree Transplanting

Transplanting a large tree or moving a selection of large trees to an alternate location is a remarkable way to add beauty, maturity and elegance to a number of settings. Urban Forestry Works can make it happen.

For over 75 years the company has been involved in the growing and transplanting industries. With years of experience raising, handling and transplanting large specimen trees, Urban Forestry Works has become a go-to, trusted company for developers, municipalities, landscape architects and landscape developers.

The preservation and transplantation of mature trees is something Urban Forestry Works takes great pride in. All measures are taken to ensure that the process is easy on the environment; and green, eco-friendly practices are an ever-present goal for all projects on extraction and transplantation site locations. Furthermore, a specialty in oak trees and D.D. Blanchard southern magnolias makes Urban Forestry Works a desirable source for the best looking mature trees in the industry.

New Home Developments

Mature tree transplanting is an integral part to making a newly developed neighborhood look more like home. When developers, builders and architects want to bring a dignified atmosphere to a new suburban area or neighborhood, Urban Forestry Works uses their talents to make the area look more beautiful and established. It’s amazing what a few big trees can do for the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a community setting.

After a Disaster Strikes

When heart wrenching disaster strikes, the last thing you think about are the trees that may be lost in the process; however, months or years later, this often becomes a source of strife for those affected. Majestic, old trees add so much to a yard, property or community, and when a beloved tree or area of trees is lost, something just looks like it’s missing. Urban Forestry Works can work to replenish outdoor spaces that have been severely damaged or wrought with a significant amount of tree loss. Our beautiful, mature specimen tree transplanting services can breathe life back in to your property.

Taking a Piece of Your Old Home with You

It’s funny what attaches a family to their home and what can bring back memories of where they’ve grown up: certain smells, sounds, items, and landscapes can bring back times that are near and dear to the hearts of many. Surprisingly, there are a great number of people that find it hard to say goodbye to a favorite old tree when they sell their home or property. Now you can take the beloved, large and mature trees on your property to your new location—taking a piece of home to make your new house feel more like one.

The beautification of an area relies on large and mature specimen trees for that lived in, distinguished aesthetic. We provide transplantation services nationwide. Contact Urban Forestry Works today to discuss a project that you have in mind, 1-877-807-5271.