The Box

The Box


the Box Large Tree Transplanting System

  • NO pinning or strapping of the tree during transplant, which eliminates stress and damage to the tree’s trunk and canopy.
  • NO damage occurs to the root ball during transplant, because the 1″ thick steel plates protects its fibrous root ball from breaking or shifting.
  • ALL handling of the tree is done with lifting points on the box.
  • Accessibility is made EASY with the Large Tree Transplanting System due to its easy and safe handling capabilities.
  • Planting is made EASY due to its step by step process of taking apart the box.
  • MORE lateral/overall root growth is kept when using the LTTS rather than a spade, which in return allows us to dig trees that are too big for a spade.


  • The Box is a tool that can be utilized to solve conflicts between preservation and site development.
  • Trees relocated with The Box can assist in meeting Tree Preservation Code Requirements.
  • The Box can be utilized to bring additional large tree options to a project which will enhance the first impressions of the completed project.
  • Trees relocated with The Box gives the developer the ability to rearrange the locations of large trees to increase land values.
  • By using The Box, Urban Forestry Works can provide large trees with regenerated root systems which will provide the desired project effect immediately.