Commercial Tree Installation Services in Florida

At Urban Forestry Works, we provide commercial tree installation services to Florida property owners and general contractors.  The magnolia trees, live oak trees, and ligustrum trees from our national tree farm are ideal to add character to projects like golf course development, hospital improvements and other government or commercial projects.

Under the direction of our ISO-certified arborists, we have been growing our own trees since 1994, following industry best practices. This direct control of our tree supply, from seedling to maturity, allows us to deliver a higher quality and healthier tree which is reflected in its majestic appearance.

Successful Mature Tree Transplanting

Successful mature tree transplanting requires specialized tools and equipment.  This not only protects the health of the tree, but allows it to thrive in its new location.  The innovative Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS) we developed and patented, along with our professional staff, allows us to perform mature tree transplanting with a high success rate.

Moving and transplanting big trees can be hazardous for both the tree and those involved if it is not done safely.  Our transplanting method is designed to protect and stabilize the root system.  It secures the tree in a specially configured metal box that uses hydraulics to lift the tree for transportation to its new home. The tree is then lowered into the ground in its new location and the box is removed. The tree is never touched or compromised during the entire mature tree transplanting process.

Successful Tree Transplants

There are numerous places in Florida where you can see successful tree transplants that we have completed.  We recently installed over a dozen live oak trees around Winter Garden’s new parking garage in their historic downtown area. We also delivered and installed a dozen large native live oak trees around the entrance of Orlando’s Nemours Children’s Hospital. Finally, Florida State University in Tallahassee called on us to replace their beloved 30-year old Live Oak tree.  We were able to successfully replace it with a mature tree that was comparable in stature, beauty and appearance.  These are just a few examples of the many commercial tree installations we perform each year.  To see more examples, please visit our projects page.

Contact Urban Forestry Works

To learn more about the commercial tree installation work we can do in Florida, contact us at (877) 807-5271!  Ask about our mature tree transplanting program and the Magnolia trees we have for sale when you call.