Urban Forestry Works: The Standard in Eco-Friendly Large Tree Transplanting

For the past 75 years, the Urban Forestry Works family has been catering to the green industry. The founders of the close-knit, family business began as growers, providing florists with beautifully cut greens. Generations later, the enterprise has expanded, and now Urban Forestry Works has years of experience growing, handling and transplanting large specimen trees for landscape architects, landscape contractors, developers, and municipalities.

Large Tree TransplantNowadays the Urban Forestry Works family is still committed to all things “green:” The preservation and conservation of mature and large specimen trees is so important to us. We are dedicated to providing an eco-friendly, improved way of unearthing and replanting large specimen and mature trees around the country. Our process improves the look of homes, developments, municipalities, estates, complexes, and businesses, and it also aids in preserving some of our country’s most beautiful, oldest trees. Above all, green tree transplantation is our goal.

Our company takes great pride in the preservation and transportation of large specimen and mature trees, and we specialize in live oaks and D.D. Blanchard southern magnolias to bring size, maturity and beauty to any commercial or residential landscape. Our elegant trees are expertly relocated, transplanted and preserved using the most efficient and modern tools and processes available in the large specimen tree service market.

Eco-Friendly Big Tree Preservation and Transplantation

Urban Forestry Work’s mature tree apprehension and relocation process complies with Tree Preservation Code Requirements always. The benefits of our detailed tree extraction and transplantation procedures eliminate damage to the tree trunk and canopy as relocation occurs. Our process also allows for the absolute maximum amount of the root system to remain in place, so that the tree will acclimate and adjust to its new location without any problems or sacrifices.

Our preservation-minded company strives to please environmentalists and preservationists-as well as developers and landscape architects in need of the removal, transplant or addition of a large specimen tree in a commercial or residential area-with our eco-friendly but efficient large specimen tree transplantation and relocation services.

Using The Box to carefully remove and relocate mature trees for any property or specimen, Urban Forestry Works ensures:

  • No pinning or strapping of the tree during transplant, eliminating damage and stress to the trunk and canopy
  • No root damage during transplant because of 1” thick steel plates protecting the root ball from breaking or shifting
  • Large trees with regenerated root systems, providing the desired aesthetic effect on a project immediately

To inquire about big tree transplanting, the preservation of mature trees, large specimen tree additions or removals, and even mature magnolia trees for sale, contact Urban Forestry Works at 1-877-807-5271.