Ehrhardt, South Carolina Tree Farm

Live Oaks, Willow Oaks, Bald Cypress, Claudia Magnolias, Ligustrums, Drake and Allee Elms, Crape Myrtles

Ehrhardt Tree Farm in South Carolina

Centrally located between Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, and Savannah, our Ehrhardt tree farm in South Carolina boasts an impressive selection of large specimen trees, including :

  • Live Oaks
  • Willow Oaks
  • Bald Cypress
  • Claudia Magnolias
  • Ligustrums
  • Drake & Allee Elms
  • Crape Myrtles

These trees range in size from 10-24″ caliper and are shippable to your site, no matter the distance. CONTACT US today at 877-807-5271 to learn more about our inventory!

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