Florida State University

Large Tree Installation, Public Works, Urban Development


Florida State University

Project Location

Tallahassee, Florida


1 22" Caliper Live Oak

Project Type

Public Works
Large Tree Installation

Florida State University lost an iconic oak tree that anchored the Westcott Building. They needed to replace the oak and do so with a substantial tree that matched the previous 30 year old oak tree.

Project Challenges

The Westcott Building is one of the oldest and most recognizable buildings on FSU’s campus, and it was important to match the previous tree in size and age. Due to the existing canopy, brick pavers and hardscapes, it was important that the tree be set without interrupting the surrounding landscape.

UFW Solution

Urban Forestry Works was able to set and plant the tree with a small footprint and provide a specimen live oak that mirrored the previous tree. UFW and FSU was able to preserve and replace Westcotts iconic canopy and do so prior to students returning to school.