Four Oaks Plantation

Large Tree Installation, Private Residence


Four Oaks Plantation

Project Location

Boston, Georgia


28 Live Oaks, 20-22" Caliper

Project Type

Private Residence
Large Tree Installation

A group purchased a Quail Plantation just outside of Thomasville, Georgia, named Four Oaks Plantation. Their wish was to build an estate on the property that would accommodate their time on the plantation. Due to the natural landscape of Pines, Cypress, and Live Oaks, they wanted to incorporate the same texture and material when designing their estate. The landscape Architect set out to locate the largest live oaks available that could be transported down the road, and successfully relocated. His vision was to create a mature canopy driveway of Live Oaks that would lead up to the estate. This vision was based on the famous Live Oaks Alley in New Orleans, LA, and was planned thoughtfully for the next 100 years.

Project Challenges

The largest obstacle for the Landscape Architect was to locate large enough trees, that when planted, would showcase a mature and seemingly preexisting canopy driveway.

UFW Solution

Urban Forestry Works presented an option of 20”-24” caliper trees that were root pruned and on demand. With the LTTS, wide load permits, and escorts, UFW was able to successfully relocate 28 specimen live oaks to the plantation and install them in a sequence which showcased their canopies and trunk structure to visitors of the estate. Due to proper spacing, determined by Dumon Designs, these trees will be a staple look for the plantation for generations to come.