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Residential Development, Tree Development Strategy, On-site Tree Location


Homes by West Bay

Project Location

Parrish, Florida


Relocation of Many Native Live Oak

Project Type

Residential Development
Tree Development Strategy
On-site Tree Location

Clear-cutting and adding all-new landscaping may no longer be necessary if the existing trees can be moved to more desirable locations on the same property. Relocating trees not only improves the site’s finished appearance but may also help eliminate the cost of tree mitigation and tree code violations. Urban Forestry Works partnered with Homes by West Bay to relocate numerous on-site native specimen live oak trees for their new residential development in Parrish, Florida. 

 Project Challenges

 The developer’s project had mature trees scattered throughout the property with many of the trees limiting buildable space. The developer hoped to preserve and relocate these trees to more desired locations on the same site. 

 UFW Solution

 UFW’s tree relocation process uses patented technology and ISA Certified Arborists to ensure survivability during the entire tree moving procedure. Urban Forestry worked with Ron Litts Certified Arborist and Clearview Land Design to relocate the usable trees before site work and removal began. UFW root pruned the trees allowing them to calice and regenerate new roots. 

 After completing the root pruning, UFW used its transplanting system to dig and transplant these trees without compromising the root ball or root structure. The system’s steel box protects the tree and its roots throughout the tree transplanting process. 

 UFW successfully met Homes by West Bay’s site goals by preserving and relocating the existing large specimen oak trees to the development’s entrances and streetscapes. This allowed the property to maintain its mature canopy while adding curb appeal to the finished project using an environmentally friendly approach.

 Urban Forestry Works has one of the highest tree survivability rates in the industry. Call us at 877-807-5271 or email for more information about on-site tree relocation!