Large Specimen, Mature Tree Transplanting for Georgia Landscapes

The innate charm of Georgia and most other areas of the Deep South is in part due to the mature, large specimen trees that adorn home gardens, streets and historic landscapes.

Decades–and even century–old, Live Oak trees and stately Southern Magnolias give properties and streetscapes across Georgia a deeply rooted, iconic look that is steeped in history, beauty and southern grace.

Mature, large-specimen Live Oak trees line the streets of historic Savannah, GA. Urban Forestry Works makes it easy to transplant, relocate, or install big trees to add maturity to any landscape.

With a love of trees and all things green, Urban Forestry Works has a mission to preserve and enhance large specimen trees in Georgia and many other areas across the United States.

Through big tree transplanting with an eco-friendly approach, Urban Forestry Works collaborates with builders, architects, homeowners, and landscape designers to bring estate-quality trees to homes, properties, municipal buildings, and communities.

Whether you need a big tree moved within your property lines–or a mature tree excavated and delivered to another location altogether–Urban Forestry Works has the means to make it happen without disrupting your landscape or foundation.

If you simply need to purchase and allocate mature trees to plant near your home, business, development, or street, Urban Forestry Works has large specimen trees for sale that will elevate any Georgia landscape to new levels of beauty, maturity and southern charm—giving your property an established, alluring atmosphere.

Beautification in the Name of Preservation

The preservation and transplantation of large, mature trees in areas like Savannah, GA and Atlanta, GA not only saves big trees from ruin, it also helps keep Georgia cities and townships looking well-established and beautiful.

Large tree transplanting services can add maturity to new home developments or renovated landscapes, and they can re-energize and re-establish areas that have been affected by severe storms, hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters.

With years of working to relocate, cultivate and plant big trees for discerning home owners, municipalities and thoughtful developers, Urban Forestry Works provides seamless large tree transplanting services for beautification projects both large and small.

With 75 years experience in the tree growing, cultivating and transplanting industry, the company has perfected and simplified “the art of moving big trees.”

Whether you need mature Southern Magnolias or plantation style Live Oak trees to add depth and character to your Georgia property, Urban Forestry Works has large specimen trees for sale that have been expertly raised for long-life, beauty and a unique appearance. Choose from estate-quality trees, large canopy trees, street trees, or one-of-a-kind character trees.

If you want a big tree relocated and transplanted–or are in need of developed trees to add to your property in areas of Savannah, Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia–contact Urban Forestry Works today.