Large Specimen Tree Services for Your Houston, TX or Dallas, TX Landscape

Urban Forestry Works provides exceptional large tree transplanting and location services to landscape architects, landscape contractors, developers, homeowners, and municipalities throughout Texas.

If you are a grower of large specimen trees in Dallas or Houston, TX looking for preservation, relocation or transplantation services for your mature trees or a landscape architect in Houston or Dallas, TX searching for large specimen trees for a current landscaping project, Urban Forestry Works is an outstanding resource for preserving, delivering and relocating large and mature trees in an environmentally efficient and timely manner.

Our company takes pride in the preservation and transportation of large and mature trees, specializing in large specimen live oaks and D.D. Blanchard southern magnolias to bring size, maturity and beauty to any commercial or residential landscape in the Houston or Dallas, Texas area. Our elegant trees are expertly relocated and transplanted using the most efficient and modern tools and processes available in the large specimen tree service market.

By using The Box to safely apprehend and relocate mature trees for any landscape, Urban Forestry Works complies with the wishes of environmentalists and preservationists as well as site developers and landscape architects, who are in need of the removal, transplant or addition of a large specimen tree in a commercial or residential landscape. We take great care to cultivate and protect large trees like southern magnolias and live oaks for sale to homeowners and developers looking for an elegant, majestic mature tree to complete their landscape design.

With our big tree apprehension and relocation processes, we strive to meet Tree Preservation Code Requirements always. The advantages to our specific procedures eliminate damage to the tree trunk and canopy while relocation occurs. Our process also allows for a maximum amount of the root system to remain in place, so that the tree will acclimate and adjust to its new location in the best possible way.

Urban Forestry Works does its part to protect and preserve large trees by acting as a liaison between mature tree enthusiasts, environmentalists, growers, and developers. We have magnolia trees for sale plus live oak trees for sale in Houston and Dallas, Texas that have been raised over a number of years to provide a mature, stately look to any setting.

If you’re searching for matured trees for sale in Texas, we can provide you with established southern magnolia and live oak trees for sale that will be safely transplanted and delivered to your Houston, TX or Dallas, TX home or business. Give us a call to inquire about the delivery, retrieval or transportation of large tree in your area, 1-877-807-5271.