Large Tree Supplier in Florida for Landscaping and Construction Projects

Urban Forestry Works is a large tree supplier in Florida for landscaping and construction projects. And since our first planting in 1994, our tree farms in Florida have since grown under our care and now offer a variety of healthy mature trees for sale including magnolia and live oak that are native here.

Saying that trees are important is an understatement. We depend on them for almost everything, from food to building materials. And since trees clean the air we breathe by absorbing poisonous gases and other odors, we simply could not live without them. Moreover, trees have a substantial economic value. A report released by the USDA Forest Service shows that trees planted around buildings can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 30-percent and save up to 50% in heating costs.

Trees also add beauty and privacy to landscaping and construction projects. Mature magnolia and live oak trees are notable for their endless benefits. In fact, tree experts assert that the southern magnolia is one of the most popular trees in Florida. Our magnolia trees for sale thrive in moist, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil. The sunny morning and shady afternoons in the state also contribute to the growth of Magnolia trees.

Live Oak trees are also another recognizable group of trees. And scientists have discovered up to 19 species of oaks that are native to Florida. What’s stunning is that most of them contribute to the welfare of landscapes. Their roots go deep into the ground, thereby, holding the soil together preventing erosion. Furthermore, live oak trees for sale are known for their long lifespan (they can live for hundreds of years), offering unending benefits to any construction or landscape project.

As a large tree supplier in Florida, we take great pride in using best practices for growing healthy specimen and mature trees for sale that will thrive in any landscape. Delivery and installation is also available for an end-to-end service for general contractors and other entities. Contact us at (877) 807-5271 to order trees direct from our farm.