Large Tree Transplanting by Urban Forestry Works

If you’re looking for a trusted company to transplant big, large-specimen trees in your area, Urban Forestry Works is your answer.

At Urban Forestry Works, we’ve perfected the art of transplanting big trees, ensuring that the tree removal and transplantation goes smoothly and causes little to no disruption to the tree or surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a big tree to be moved at your home, in a commercial area near your business, or in a brand-new development or municipal zone, we can help.

Urban Forestry Works is an outstanding resource for preserving, delivering and relocating large and mature trees in an environmentally efficient and timely manner. Our long-standing company provides large tree transplanting and relocation services to landscape contractors, landscape architects, homeowners, developers, and municipalities all over the United States.

Big Tree Transplanting with a Delicate Touch

Urban Forestry Works developed the Large Tree Transplanting System to assure a more reliable process for successful big tree relocation.

Our mature tree apprehension and relocation process always meets Tree Preservation Code Requirements. Using a unique and very specific big tree transplant procedure—we avoid any damage to the tree trunk and canopy as relocation occurs.

By using The Box to safely retrieve and replant mature trees, Urban Forestry Works strives to please environmentalists and preservationists, as well as site developers and landscape architects in need of the removal, transplant or addition of a large specimen tree in a commercial or residential landscape.

The Box distinguishes Urban Forestry Works from other tree transplanting companies: It’s our specialized system of allowing a maximum amount of the large tree’s root system to remain in place—allowing the tree to adjust to its new location and acclimate in the best way possible.

In addition to the removal and transplantation of large, mature trees, our company supplies estate-quality southern magnolia and live oak trees to homeowners and landscape architects looking to add beauty and maturity to a freshly developed or tired-looking landscape.

To learn more about our big tree transplanting method, see our 20 Step Process for mature tree transplanting or view our Project Photos.

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