Urban Forestry Works: Protecting the Historical Integrity of South Carolina Landscapes with Innovative Mature Tree Relocation and Removal Services

South Carolina is known for its southern charm. Cities such as Charleston and Columbia have rich histories that are accentuated by their landscapes – majestic live oak trees, towering southern magnolia trees, and intricate bald cypress trees – some of which predate the cities themselves.

At Urban Forestry Works, we believe in the importance of maintaining and protecting that lush history, while allowing for the inevitable evolution and development that comes with time.

Whether you’re a South Carolina homeowner, landowner or business owner, Urban Forestry Works’ innovative large tree transplanting system can ensure that your tree is protected during removal and relocation, shielding the root ball, trunk, and canopy from incurring damage during transplanting.

Historical cities such as Charleston and Columbia with a rich landscape history can benefit from our mature tree relocation services, and fast-growing cities such as Greenville and Summerville can keep the old South Carolina charm, even in new developments, by exploring our inventory of trees for sale.

Estate Quality Trees for Sale

We grow a large selection of mature southern magnolia trees and estate quality live oaks that can be readied for transplant to fit any project’s needs – whether for a private residence, business or new home development.

About Our Mission to Go Green with Landscape Beautification and Mature Tree Preservation

At Urban Forestry Works, we started out as growers, and we know the importance of maintaining the history and structure of mature trees during relocation or transplanting.  We know that “green” isn’t just a passing fad – it’s a way of life.

Our family-owned company was founded in 1936 and since then has been growing and expanding, while keeping its core focus of protecting and maintaining landscape growth.  We appreciate the need for continued development, as well as the importance of keeping a city’s rich history alive through its landscape and trees.

Contact us to find out how Urban Forestry Works can assist you in your tree removal or relocation project, or to find out more about our large selection of mature southern magnolia and live oak trees for sale – we can make even the newest home feel like it’s been steeped in South Carolina history!