Trust Urban Forestry Works to Protect Your Landscaping Investment with Our State-of-the-Art Large Tree Transplanting System

Large trees take years to grow, and they are often an investment of time and patience for their owners.  A stately tree is often the focal point of a home’s landscaping, and if you’re used to a home surrounded by mature trees it can be difficult to picture a residence without them.  Often, mature trees hold sentimental value for their owners.  Perhaps you enjoyed picnics with your family in the shade of a majestic Live Oak, watched your children grow up playing beneath the tree, or hung a swing for them to play on.  Your kids may be grown, you may be moving or downsizing, but the tree holds memories that you aren’t ready to part with.

Our Large Tree Transplanting System Revolutionizes the Relocation Process and Protects Your Trees

Thanks to Urban Forestry Works’innovative Large Tree Transplanting System and our patent-pending 20 Step Process, you can now take your trees with you wherever you go.  You no longer have to leave your beautiful mature trees behind when you move, provided your new home has room for them.  Our system stabilizes the root zone of mature trees, allowing the root regeneration process to begin more quickly once the tree reaches its new home.

Whether you’re looking to relocate existing trees on your property, plant new mature trees around your home or business, or need a large tree removed from your property with minimal invasion, our Large Tree Transplanting System is specially designed to be a reliable and efficient way to move large trees – no more outdated technology that can sometimes harm the root systems of trees and make transplanting unsuccessful.

Urban Forestry Works Now Offers Large Tree Relocation Nationwide and

We have hundreds of satisfied customers from states such as Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas, and we now offer large tree transplanting throughout the United States.  Contact us today at (877) 807-5271 to see if we can assist you with your large tree relocation project or provide stately mature trees to accentuate the landscaping of your home or business.  In addition to our mature tree relocation services, we also maintain inventory of estate-quality trees such as oaks and magnolias, which can be shipped nationwide.