Urban Forestry Works: A Live Oak Tree Farm That Puts Quality and Family First

At Urban Forestry Works we specialize in the sale and transplanting of mature Live Oak Trees (and more) from the rich soil on the property of our longtime family farm. We sell and transport estate quality Live Oaks all around the country, and the reason our trees will last (likely hundreds of years from now) is because we instill the same virtues into the way we grow, maintain, and transplant our trees as we do in the way we grow our families.

It’s funny: Raising mature, estate-quality Live Oak Trees is a lot like raising and building a strong family unit. The success and longevity of any tree (or person) has a lot to do with where it comes from, what it grows up consuming (learning or eating), and overall: how it’s raised and how it’s pressed to carry on a certain legacy–perhaps through how you carry on or instill quality upbringing with your children.

Think back to your own childhood, your childhood friends – then think about your own children even (if you have them), and even their friends. Maybe some are (or were) “raised right” and some… well they just weren’t. There’s a drastic difference in the maturity level and rate of success and happiness of someone who’s raised properly versus someone that isn’t. Just like trees. It’s the same way with the live oak trees that we grow, maintain and sell off of our live oak farm.

A Family Farm: Our Live Oak Trees are “Raised Right”

Not one tree would last on our Live Oak Tree and Southern Magnolia farm if we didn’t instill healthy habits, knowledge and a whole lot of patience and commitment into the way we raise, care for and even transport our large Live Oaks. That’s why for generations our family has taken pride in the process of planting, growing, and nurturing mature trees. And our customers all over the country recognize the difference in our product, delighting in the landscapes that become home to our estate quality, mature, large trees.

Now it makes so much sense comparing the two: If you’re raised in a household that values the virtues of respect for one’s self and others, hard work, integrity, and patience – chances are you’ll perform better and sustain much longer than someone who is taught to take the quick way out, the cheap way, or the easy way, and take a “me first” attitude.

We would never want to raise our children to take that course, and it’s the same way on our Live Oak Tree Farm. We grow our estate quality trees using best practices. And furthermore, just like we wouldn’t feed our children unhealthy snacks or fast food all the time – because we know it would harm their health and vitality – we wouldn’t feed our trees junk either. That’s why they are mature, strong and ready to take on the world for years to come!