Urban Forestry Works’ Selection of Mature Live Oak Trees for Sale Will Complement Any Landscape

Mature Live Oak Trees for Sale will Compliment any Landscape

Mature Live Oak trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape style.  These trees are perfect for new construction, designing your dream landscape, or simply to fill a large yard with stately trees.  Live Oak trees provide a large canopy of shade – their crowns can reach up to 100 feet, and they’re a hardy species perfect for southern yards.

If you’re looking for majestic estate trees to complement your landscape, our selection of Live Oak trees for sale are grown and ready to be transplanted directly to your home or business.

Field-Grown Live Oak Trees

Field-grown Live Oak trees have proven to be healthier and more durable than container-grown trees.  At Urban Forestry Works, our family-owned tree farm has been going strong for over 75 years.  We started out as growers, and cultivating stately mature trees has become a passion for us as our company has expanded through the years.  Live Oak trees are a perfect specimen for projects requiring:

  • Canopy trees
  • Estate trees
  • Street trees
  • Unique character trees

On-Site Large Tree Transplanting

Our Large Tree Transplanting System ensures the Live Oak tree you purchase travels safely to its new location.  Unlike some tree farms, who subcontract to transplant their inventory, we take responsibility for the healthy relocation of every tree we sell.  Our patented 20 Step Operating Procedures and Large Tree Transplanting System uses innovative technology.  Because we use this innovative technology, we can protect the tree’s root system throughout the relocation process.  The success of our Large Tree Transplanting System has allowed us to ship trees across the United States.  We currently ship Live Oak trees throughout Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee.

If you’re looking for mature trees to add to your landscape we can ship to you.  Contact us to discuss the sale and transport of a mature Live Oak or Magnolia trees to your location.