Large Specimen, Mature Live Oak Trees for Sale

Urban Forestry Works grows live oak trees for sale from our national tree farm located in Central Florida. We also grow and ship magnolia, ligustrum and many other large trees. Often referred to as the symbol of the South, the majestic beauty of the magnolia tree is hard to miss. Their fragrant flowers bloom in a variety of spectacular colors including white, pink and purple. Magnolia trees are attractive, and they prefer to be in the spotlight. They thrive in almost any climate with both shady areas and direct sunlight. It’s no wonder they are highly sought after by landscapers, developers, and homeowners alike.

Urban Forestry Works has large specimen, mature trees for sale.  We take great pride in the preservation and careful transportation of our large trees for sale. In addition to cultivating and transplanting large-specimen trees all over the nation, Urban Forestry Works provides homeowners, developers, landscapers, custom home builders, and landscape architects with fully developed trees to add beauty and maturity to homes, neighborhoods, municipal buildings, and streetscapes.

Urban Forestry Works protects and relocates our trees through a patented apprehension and transplantation process.  This process is easy on the tree, the property and the environment allowing us to preserve and transplant these majestic trees.

Create A Majestic Space

Turn your landscape into a majestic space with the large selection of Live Oak Trees for sale at Urban Forestry Works. The tree farm has a huge selection of Live Oaks, perfect for any project, whether you need:

  • Estate Quality Trees
  • Canopy Trees
  • Street Trees
  • Unique Character Trees

Using The Box, and a carefully planned 20-step process, Urban Forestry Works completes both large and small mature tree projects. Taking great pride in all things “green,” Urban Forestry Works is committed to an improved, eco-friendly approach to unearthing and replanting large and mature trees. The stately Live Oak Trees available for sale are no exception.

Large Tree Transplant Process

During the large tree transplant process, there’s no pinning or strapping of the Live Oak tree.  This eliminates stress and damage to the trunk and canopy. The careful, 20-step big tree relocation process also ensures that no root damage will occur through the transplant (thanks to 1″ thick steel plates that prevent breaking and shifting–all the while protecting the root ball).  All our mature trees for sale get this special treatment so that they instantly thrive once placed on your property.

Whether you’re looking for big Live Oak Trees for sale or mature D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolias for your property, Urban Forestry Works has large trees available for transplant with regenerated root systems, so you can get the healthy, mature look you want on your property immediately.

Live Oak mature tree transplanting can revive the look of an existing area.  It can also add an established look to new home developments.  Contact Urban Forestry Works today to discuss the sale of impressive, mature Live Oak trees to complement your landscape.