Magnolia Tree Farm: Urban Forestry Works Fosters Beautiful Southern Magnolias

Known for its state-of-the-art Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS), Urban Forestry Works also grows beautiful Southern Magnolias at its Magnolia Tree Farm.  Originally starting out as growers providing wholesale florists with cut greens and growing large specimen trees, the Underhill family recognized there was an opportunity to improve the way large trees were handled and relocated.  To help capitalize of this opportunity, Urban Forestry Works was started.

One of the advantages Urban Forestry Works enjoys over its competitors is its Magnolia Tree Farm.  Having their own tree farm allows them to provide the absolute best in mature trees for their customer’s large landscaping projects.  Whether they are looking to add to existing landscaping, or they want a complete remodel of their property, large trees like the Southern Magnolias they grow are guaranteed to add that touch of aged elegance the customer is looking for.

Southern Magnolias, like the ones produced at their tree farm, take years of tender care to grow into the majestic, timeless artifacts they transport to customers throughout the country.  Once a customer has selected the specific tree that fits their vision, Urban Forestry Works will take care of its removal, transport and re-planting through its patented Large Tree Transplanting System.  They can be counted on to deliver a product undamaged on arrival—ready to grow happy and healthy in its new home.

Our Southern Magnolias add an air of natural dignity to any location, whether it’s a waterfront behind your home or the façade in front of your business.  At Urban Forestry Works, we’re committed to providing the finest product possible—so we take our trees from seed to sapling to silent giant, ensuring that they are healthy enough for transplant.

Urban Forestry Works specializes in the growth, transport, and transplanting of large trees for any landscaping project. Our Magnolia Tree Farm features specimens hand-picked by our family-run operation, which has been in business for almost a century. Call us at 1.877.807.5271 to get a free quote, or browse photos of our completed projects online.