Magnolia Trees for Sale

Urban Forestry Works grows magnolia trees for sale from their national tree farm located in Central Florida. We also grow and ship Live Oak and Ligustrum trees. Often referred to as the symbol of the South, the majestic beauty of the magnolia tree is hard to miss. Their fragrant flowers bloom in a variety of spectacular colors including white, pink and purple. Magnolia trees are attractive, and they prefer to be in the spotlight. They thrive in almost any climate with both shady areas and direct sunlight. It’s no wonder they are highly sought after by landscapers, developers, and homeowners alike.

Live Oak Trees for Sale

The Live Oak Tree is a stately symbol of unmistakable elegance. Its grand branches open wide providing over 60 feet of shade. And its green leaves reproduce every spring. The Live Oak also produces an abundance of acorns that are adored by birds, squirrels and other critters in the neighborhood. Live Oak is very adaptable and can grow in a variety of climates needing just a few hours of sunlight per day. When mature, they can grow as tall as 80 feet in height and can live over 100 years.

Large Tree Transplanting

Combined with our growing expertise and exclusive large tree transplanting system, we safely ship our Magnolia and Live Oak trees for sale direct from our farm to your site. Our Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS) is designed to safely transport large specimen trees without harming the delicate root ball. The root ball is the tree’s central nervous system so great care must be maintained to preserve it for the health of the tree. To further protect the tree from injury in transit, our system does not require pinning or strapping the tree, which could cause unnecessary stress. The tree is stabilized in our system for maximum comfort during its journey. An onsite team will carefully remove the tree from its container for transplanting into its new home.

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