Mattamy Homes Celebration Oak Tree Install

Mattamy Homes wanted to make a statement when driving into their beautiful new community, Island Village in Celebration, Florida. UFW was up to the challenge and worked with the landscape architects to assure that visitors are impressed by the large specimen trees each time they enter the development.

Every tree installation is special and requires dedicated time and effort to make sure it’s done correctly. First the clients were looking for large trees with unique characteristics, and that’s where our national tree farm in Barberville, Florida, came into play. Representatives from the developer and landscape architectural firm visited our tree farm to hand pick their trees. Once the trees were tagged, the process to start moving their trees began.

What trees did they select? 

14-16” caliper character live oak trees with large canopies for shade.

How were the trees moved?

Our Patented Large Tree Transplanting System also known as The Box was used to safely remove the trees from our farm, transport them to the project site and replant them.

What’s next?

The project has multiple phases, so we will be celebrating and sharing each phase as new trees are added. Check out the video to see more about the development process and please come back to read our News articles. You’ll see newsworthy articles about our projects, clients, and our family business.