Mature Magnolia Trees For Sale

Urban Forestry Works national tree farm, and Indrio farm, both in Florida and Ehrhardt farm in South Carolina have extensive inventories of mature magnolia trees. This assures you’ll find the perfect tree to add size and beauty to your property. Our magnolia trees will not only give your property a majestic look; they instantly increase your property value and beauty.

Urban Forestry Works farm raised magnolia trees are decades-old; and their large size will add an established look to your home or commercial property. Our magnolia trees are grown in optimal conditions for strength, vitality, overall health, and aesthetic beauty.

 A Brief History of Magnolia Plants

Magnolia is the common name for a large plant group containing deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. The wood is aromatic and often has large, elegant flowers. It is thought by many to be one of the oldest flowering plants. Beetles most likely pollinated these plants as they predate the existence of bees. Magnolia tree bark has been used for medical reasons over a thousand years.

The tree’s deep tap roots are ideally suited for the Southern climate. The deeper roots allow them to withstand drought, hurricanes, and tropical storms. The older trees are also fire resistant because the bark of the southern magnolia does not burn. The tree casts extreme shade, which lowers ambient temperatures but can make growing anything under the tree challenging.

 Southern Magnolia Trees

  Magnolia grandiflora, or southern magnolia, is a large, broad-leaved evergreen that can grow to 80 feet in height, with a spread of 40 feet. While its low-branching form gives it a graceful appearance, the southern magnolia is perhaps best known for its large creamy white flowers, powerful fragrance, and for its large shiny leaves. It is the state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi. 

This warm weather tree grows well from the South Carolina to Florida and westward to Texas. A southern magnolia will make a memorable lawn or garden specimen tree anywhere in planting zones 6 to 10.

D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolias

These Magnolia trees reach heights of 50 feet or more when mature. During blooming months the deep green leaves join with striking white blooms to give a sweet fragrance and a classic appearance. These luscious evergreen trees add impressive elegance and a sense of established, stately beauty as statement trees in lawns, gardens, and public spaces.

Our Large Tree Transplanting System

Urban Forestry Works large tree transplanting system  allows mature trees to be safely unearthed and relocated. The design protects the roots of trees during the entire digging and transplant process. Urban Forestry Works has successfully transplanted southern magnolias and other big trees in Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, and other Deep South states.

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