A Big Tree is A Mature Tree: Transplanting Aged Trees with Grace

The LTTS in action—Moving a large tree to its new home!


At Urban Forestry Works, We’ve made it our family’s business to provide our state-of-the-art Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS) to the entire southeast—moving ancient Southern Magnolias and bringing Live Oaks across the country in a fast, professional and careful manner.

There are multiple benefits to our system, all designed to keep the tree as healthy as possible to ensure a successful transplant and the continuation of a thriving mature tree.

      • The root bulb stays intact. We leave as much root matter as possible, so that regrowth starts sooner after the tree has been moved. This means you see greener, fuller canopies almost immediately.
      • No pins or straps. These outdated methods damage the tree’s branches, trunk, and roots, which make it difficult for the specimen to survive once it’s been placed in its new home.
      • The tree gets put in place faster. The standardized size of our LTTS allows us to prep the transplant area more thoroughly before the tree arrives, meaning re-planting is as simple as “plug and play.”
      • The LTTS can solve conflicts between site development and preservation, and can help meet Tree Preservation Code Requirements.

The graceful majesty of a Live Oak or Southern Magnolia, basking in the warm sun as birds chirp happily from its branches, shouldn’t be considered a difficulty to be planned around on your next construction project.
With Urban Forestry Works and our Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS), you can turn what was once considered an obstacle to development into a graceful addition to the finished product.

We also offer a large selection of Live Oaks and Southern Magnolias for direct sale, and we’ll deliver them with our LTTS to the location of your choosing.

Our passion is to exceed market and customer expectations, delivering history, elegance and majesty to the newly expanding national landscape. Make your home and your landscape have an heirloom appeal with estate quality mature trees for sale from Urban Forestry Works.

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