Keeping It Growing: Estate Quality Trees For Sale in Florida

At Urban Forestry Works, we have mature, estate quality Live Oaks and Southern Magnolias to add a well established look to your next project.

We grow our own mature trees and we also work with local growers to provide the highest quality, most durable large tree transplanting possible, and our inventory is backed by over 75 years of family experience in the agricultural industry.

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The Underhill family of Florida has been in the green industry since 1936 (based DeLand, FL) and with the expertise we’ve gained, we’re looking to exceed the market’s expectations—transforming large tree transplantation from a high-risk endeavor into a trusted and reliable practice.

A blooming Southern Magnolia

Adding Beauty and Maturity to Any Landscape with Estate Quality Tree Transplanting…

Mature trees are an integral part of the natural beauty of the American landscape. As the recession draws to a close, we are seeing an uptick in construction and development throughout the nation, and the pace continues to quicken. While growing our economy is good, it is important to also grow the environment around us in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our Success is Backed by Our Patented Tree Removal and Transplanting System…

Generally, large trees are transplanted using a series of pins and straps, which can damage the plant’s vital organs, the root bulb, trunk and branches. We did a little “out-of-the-box” thinking, and came up with a solution guaranteed to preserve the beautiful, mature products we provide.

We ended up right back inside “the box,” with our LTT (Large Tree Transplanting) System. “The Box” is a 10’ x 10’ cube, open at the top and about 3’ deep. We build it into the ground around the tree’s root bulb, and the tree is gently removed using anchor points on the box instead of the tree itself. Check out our System to get an inside look at how it all works.

Call Urban Forestry Works at (877)-807-5271 to start planning your project today.