Urban Forestry Works Offers Large Tree Transplanting Services and Mature Trees for Sale to Home and Business Owners throughout Texas and Beyond

Whether you’re accentuating a stately home or a state-of-the art office building, you know that your landscaping can say as much about your home or company as the building itself.  Simply put, your trees are an investment.  When you hire Urban Forestry Works for your large tree transplanting, you can be sure that you’re investing in quality mature trees.  We proudly serve areas of the south east and beyond, including Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and more. Contact us at 1-877-807-5271 to see if we serve your area.

Specialized Large Tree Transplanting for Quality Landscaping and a Quick Recovery Process

We use our patented Large Tree Transplanting System to ensure that your mature and estate quality trees are safely transplanted with their root systems intact, so that the root regeneration process can begin more quickly once the tree is planted in its new home.

At Urban Forestry Works, we believe we’ve revolutionized the transplanting of mature trees.  We know that our background as growers gives us a unique perspective when it comes to the precision required to relocate large-specimen trees without damaging the root systems or creating a greater hardship than is necessary for either the tree, or the customer.  In fact, this mission is why Urban Forestry Works was created.  We saw what the industry standard was, and we knew that we could do things better.


Call Urban Forestry Works for the Sale or Relocation of Mature Trees in Texas

Urban Forestry Works has a nationwide presence, serving customers from Florida all the way to Texas.  In addition to providing top-quality large tree transplanting and relocation services, we keep an inventory of mature Live Oak and Magnolia trees for sale.  Whether you’re looking to landscape your home or business with estate-quality trees, or need a mature tree removed or relocated, Urban Forestry Works has you covered, from Dallas to Houston and everywhere in between.

About Urban Forestry Works…

Urban Forestry Works was founded in 1936, and has been family-owned since the very beginning.  We’ve continued growing and expanding, but we’ve never lost sight of our core focus of protecting and maintaining landscape growth and mature trees.  We think it’s important to keep our roots intact, just like we do for our customers’ old-growth and mature trees.  That’s why we’ve remained family-owned all these years.  Our family has worked hard to build an innovative, efficient and honest business, and we plan to keep it that way while continuing to offer our services to discerning homeowners and businesses nationwide.