Moving Big Trees has Never Been Easier

Moving big trees seems impossible to some – hey, it’s even difficult for most landscaping professionals. But with the large tree transplanting system developed and conducted by the team of professionals at Urban Forestry Works, moving large trees is affordable, easy and stress-free.

Whether you need to remove a tree, transplant a tree, or you need the resources to purchase and transplant a mature, estate-quality tree to a new property or development that needs a more established feel, Urban Forestry Works has you covered. We’re based in Florida, but we move big trees throughout most areas in the United States.

Our team will take steps to transplant the tree (or trees) of your choice to any new location – whether it’s across the yard or across the state–even the country–at a new, home, development, streetscape, or municipal location.

Why We’re the #1 Choice for Moving Big Trees

At Urban Forestry Works, we’re far past the outdated, counter-productive methods of the past. Many large tree removal and transplanting companies are still using methods that are known not only damage the structure and root system of the tree, but the surrounding property as well. Our big tree relocation process is successful because:

  • Our transplanting system (“The Box“) does not use pins or straps. These are outdated large tree moving procedures and create stress on the tree––damaging the root system of trees being relocated.
  • The root zone Stabilization of The Box starts the root regeneration process more quickly. It also reduces any damage and stress caused to the original root system and tree structure during the relocation process.
  • The big tree transplanting system used by our company alone provides a great deal of flexibility in site development, meaning that our process for tree removal or transplanting is not dependent or restricted by the location of existing trees.

We’re the #1 name in large tree relocation, transplanting and removal because we’ve simplified and perfected the process. You can rest-assured your property will be left looking spectacular after a visit from Urban Forestry Works.

Here to Help with Big Tree Transplanting and Removal

If you need help with big tree removal or transplanting, contact Urban Forestry Works today.