Nemours Children’s Hospital

Large Tree Installation, Tree Development Strategy, Urban Development


Nemours Children’s Hospital

Project Location

Orlando, Florida


12 Live Oaks

Project Type

Urban Development
Large Tree Installation
Tree Development Strategy

General Contractor, SKANSKA, and Landscape Architect Firm, AECOM, wanted to create a landscape that focused on native material and grasses. The hospital was designed to be a new age hospital focusing on being GREEN, and they wanted the landscape to follow the same design. With Live Oaks being native to Florida, they wanted 12 mega live oaks to line the entrance to the hospital and be the focal point of the landscape.

Project Challenges

The main obstacle was installing these live oaks surrounded by hardscapes and structures. It was important to have plenty of room for the roots to grow while insuring the trees would be drained properly. With the help of AECOM and SKANSKA, UFW was able to install the trees in a adequate planting pit and relieve water into catch basins.

UFW Solution

Using a crane, UFW started at the hospital and worked their way out. All 12 trees were successfully installed with a drain which connected to every tree. Today the trees are doing great, and continue to be a focal point for the hospital and for people visiting.