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Rooted in Tradition

We┬árecently teamed with Livit Films to go behind the scenes and tell the story of UFW, our trees, and how and why we're serving our clients.  


Let There Be Shade!

Urban Forestry Works has been contracted to supply a myriad of tree specimens to the Daytona Beach Park Overhaul to be completed in 2021.

New gardens will be filled with azaleas, pink drift roses, orchids, butterfly ginger and purple princess flowers. Dozens of mature live oaks, bald cypress and magnolias standing up to 30 feet tall will canopy the park.

"There will be lots of shade," said former City Commissioner Kelly White, who's been heavily involved in the park project. "The park will not be hot like it has been forever."

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The Building of Brownwood – Large Tree Transplanting