On-Site Tree Relocation

On-site tree relocation

At Urban Forestry Works, we are clearing the way . . .

Tree RelocationAre large specimen trees standing in the way of your construction project? At Urban Forestry Works, we are helping urban planned unit developers, golf course developers and resort expansions as well as other construction projects meet their project goals and environmental commitments through safe tree relocation and transplanting.

Urban Forestry Works clears the way for a variety of construction projects to proceed by safely relocating and transplanting trees to more desirable locations on-site. Some of the types of projects that have benefited from our expertise include:

  • Golf Courses
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Residential Planned Unit Developments
  • University Campuses
  • Private Estates
  • Government Projects
  • Hospitals

We Have One of the Highest Tree Survivability Rates in the Industry.

It’s a process where technology and certified-ISA arborists work side-by-side like surgeons in a delicate operation to ensure the tree’s survivability during the entire relocation and transplanting process. Our patented Large Tree Transplant System (LTTS) gives us the capability to relocate and transplant extra large and tall trees, up to 200,000 pounds, with one of the highest survivability rates in the tree transplanting industry.

Clear Value, Naturally.

By preserving existing trees of value and relocating them to more desirable locations, clearing the land and starting from scratch is no longer necessary. Prior to site work, we conduct a tree survey and appraisal before the property is cleared and trees are cut down. With rapid construction and development, it is important to consider the value of the current landscape and existing canopy. Communities often favor construction and expansion projects that preserve as much of the natural surroundings as possible. The sustainable approach we offer unleashes the value of a property’s natural assets, and by relocating the trees to a location that is not only more beneficial for the project it can also help bypass tree mitigation and tree code violations.

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