Our System

Large Tree Transplanting SystemTM

Urban Forestry Works has simplified the art of moving large trees with our patented Large Tree Transplanting System™

Our Large Tree Transplanting System ™ has made tree relocation a more practical solution, with both on site flexibility and the assurance of a more reliable process that guarantees successful large tree relocating. The design and makeup of the LTTS™ has made these advantages possible. With safer practices, the benefits are endless for clients who have a love for large trees and a desire to preserve specimen trees.

  • The Box is engineer approved with a high safety rating that adheres to protocol for commercial and residential projects.
  • The LTTS™ design eliminates fracturing of the root ball, which can be caused when handling hand dug root balls.
  • Stabilization of the ball in The Box protects regenerated roots created from root pruning.
  • No pinning or strapping of the tree takes place. This eliminates old practices which causes stress to the cambium layer.
  • All lifting is done and supported by The Box. The tree is never touched nor compromised.
  • The steel base plate is removed during the planting process, preventing tree settling.


The Box is designed to cut the bottom roots and stabilize the root zone of large trees being relocated. Stabilization of the root zone in The Box starts the root regeneration process quicker. It also reduces stress and damage to the original root system and tree structure during the relocation process.


Prune root ball to allow for stabilization and prepare for relocation


Establish the footprint using UFW's template


Dig area for The Box and hydraulic system


Use hydraulics to pull The Box and cutting blade under the root ball


Attach the fourth panel and braces, lifting tree by The Box


10"-14" Caliper Trees

The 7' x 7' LTTS digs a 10"-14" caliper tree. This tree weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. UFW requires 3-5 months of root pruning.


15"-28" Caliper Trees

The 10' x 10' LTTS digs a 15"-28" caliper tree. This tree weighs approximately 60,000 pounds. UFW requires 6-8 months of root pruning.


29"+ Caliper Trees

The 20' x 20' LTTS digs a 29"-50" caliper tree. This tree weighs approximately 200,000 + pounds. UFW requires 9-12 months of root pruning.