Palm Beach Waterfront Estate

Private Residence, Large Tree Installation, Waterfront Installation


Palm Beach Waterfront Estate

Project Location

Palm Beach, FL


9 - 16" Caliper 35-40 ' Live Oak
3 - 18' Magnolias

Project Type

Private Residence
Large Tree Installation
Waterfront Installation

“One if by land, two if by sea…” or in the case of our last big project, “Eight if by land, four if by sea”. At Urban Forestry Works, we pride ourselves on being solution focused. Moving large trees doesn’t come without its challenges and this time it took some creativity to get the job done.

Project Challenges
This past month, we were called upon to install nine 16” caliper 35-40’ live oaks and three 18’ magnolias for a high end residential project located on the intracoastal waters of Palm Beach, Florida. The customer was seeking to embellish his property with as many mature trees as possible around the newly constructed home – achieving the appearance that the home was built amongst the trees.

Due to restricted and limited access, delivering the trees posed a challenge. Using our patented Large Tree Transplanting System (LTTS) the trees were delivered to the property without interrupting any of the existing construction work or subcontractors present at the property. Four of the 16” caliper 35-40’ live oaks that were to be planted on the waterfront could only be delivered by barge.

UFW Solution
Not only the large specimen trees, but also the crane, equipment, and supplies were all delivered by barge. This video worthy experience of using a barge to deliver our trees in their boxes via water has us very excited to share yet another creative solution. At UFW, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and workmanship to even the most unique of projects.