Private Estate

Large Tree Installation, Public Works, Urban Development


Private Estate

Project Location

Pavo, Georgia


10 Live Oaks, 20" Caliper

Project Type

Private Residence
Large Tree Installation

The Owner and Landscape Architect envisioned a canopy driveway leading up to the main home which was surrounded by pines and native live oaks. Their idea was to create a properly spaced canopy driveway of live oaks that would make an instant impact. The home was set on a hill overlooking the plantation, and it was important to showcase the home through the canopy as you drive up.

Project Challenges

The preexisting landscape and natural habitat created obstacles because it was a tight area to work. It was important to the customer to preserve the existing look, while adding similar pieces that would make the driveway feel as if it had been there for years.

UFW Solution

Due to the makeup of the LTTS, it allowed the UFW team to work in tight quarters. With The Box (LTTS) being compact and rigid, handling of the tree is easy with little to no variables. UFW was able to snake the trees through the native habitat and use a small crane to set the trees close to the hole. The trees were never compromised, and they are flourishing today. An instant canopy was created, and presents a beautiful line of sight for the home.