Ashlin Park

Ashlin Park
Windermere, Florida
28 Live Oaks, 25" Caliper
Project Type
Residential Development
On-site Tree Relocation
Tree Development Strategy

Ashton Woods purchased 80 acres which contained 50 specimen live oaks that averaged 24” caliper. Ashton Woods recognized the value of the existing trees. Due to their age, size, and health, these trees could never be replaced. Rather than remove and replace with smaller, inadequate trees, their vision was to utilize the live oaks on the property.

Project Obstacles
The trees were growing in the wrong location based on the site plans and projected lots. Roads, homes, and amenity centers were designed to be built in their location.

UFW Solution
With proper planning between Ashton Woods, and Wal-Rose Site Company, UFW was able to successfully dig and relocate these trees to more appropriate locations on site. For example, the entrance, roundabouts, dog park, etc. This allowed Ashton Woods to add curb appeal to their site, and privacy for future homeowners while preserving all resources the property gave them. These trees continue to flourish, and bring an established look to Ashlin Park.