Riverfront Esplanade Park in Daytona Beach

Trees Provided by Urban Forestry Works

Canopy Live Oak

Bald Cypress


Caliper Inches of Shade Trees

June 4, 2022, marked the grand opening of the North end of the new Riverfront Esplanade Park in Daytona Beach. The park has more than a mile of waterfront trail with amenities including benches, swings, a playground, water filling stations, a dog park, and a state-of-the-art splash pad. You can visit their website for a calendar of events, including regularly scheduled toddler time, yoga classes, and live music!

This project began for UFW in 2020 with the selection and root pruning of character trees hand-selected by the park’s board of directors. The live oaks were grown at our Ft. Pierce, Florida tree farm. The magnolia and bald cypress trees were from our tree farm in Barberville, Florida.

Our patented Large Tree Transplanting System™ makes it possible to complete projects of this magnitude on time and within budget. UFW offers practical solutions for on-site flexibility and the assurance of a more reliable process that guarantees successful, large tree relocating. Thanks to our unique techniques, these trees were transplanted successfully and will bring shade and beauty to the park for generations to come.

We brought the whole family to the grand opening of the North end. We enjoyed a lovely stroll along the Halifax River, where we saw our homegrown trees thriving in their new environment.

Our work continues in the southern portion of the park with the additional trees we are preparing for transplanting. We look forward to continuing our work at the park and cannot wait to share our progress with you.

We brought the family to enjoy the grand opening of the North end.