The Medical University of South Carolina

Tree Preservation, On-site Tree Location, Public Works, Historical Trees


The Medical University of South Carolina

Project Location

Charleston, SC


(3) Live Oaks, 23''-28'' caliper
(1) Live Oak, 17'' caliper

Project Type

On-site Tree Location
Tree Preservation
Public Works
Historical Trees
Urban Forestry Works proposed to preserve, root prune, transplant and relocate (4) historic live oaks for The Medical University of South Carolina in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. These were existing trees in the middle of the campus that were at risk for removal due to the planned construction of the campus.
UFW was awarded the contract to root prune and prepare the trees 9 months prior to construction. After root pruning was completed, UFW used their patented LTT Systems to dig and transplant the these trees to a safer and more desired locations using heavy equipment, cranes and low boy trailers. The project was a success and the trees are thriving, while at the same time, satisfying MUSC’s hopes of preserving these iconic and irreplaceable specimen live oaks.