If You Want to Transplant Large Trees, This is What You Need: The Ins and Outs of Moving Magnificence

The southeast is home to some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the country—from the Carolinas to Alabama, all the way south into Florida, there are unique natural ecosystems everywhere.

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A Simple Solution for Sustainability: Urban Forestry Works’ LTTS

Urban Forestry Works has pioneered a new system for transplanting large trees, the Large Tree Transplanting System—a new set of tools that saves the most important parts of the tree being transplanted, and promotes regrowth once we’ve placed it in its new home.

The LTTS is a superior system for a few specific reasons:

  • Ease of Transport—our system creates a sturdy steel box around the entirety of the tree’s root bulb, making loading, unloading and transport a breeze.

  • Specimen Safety—the LTTS preserves the most important parts of the tree. Major branches, leaf mass, and the root bulb are all left as intact as possible, so the tree goes into the ground healthy at its new location

  • Logistical Support—our system works with existing construction and contracting equipment, so the extra costs associated with specialized set-ups don’t come out of your wallet. The tree is nature’s gift, and we’ll give you the box!



Enchanted Lands: Honoring the Spirit of our Ancestors

“There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness…reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.”
—Teddy Roosevelt

Southern Magnolias and Live Oaks have spent decades throughout the South growing into majestic, living testaments to the natural beauty of our nation. As our economy grows and development continues, it is important to maintain the natural beauty all around us.

Working Toward a Brighter Future, With Plenty of Shade to Boot

Urban Forestry Works designed the LTTS to bring the graceful majesty of mature trees to any construction project. Whether your remodeling a subdivision, competing for your county’s next public park project, or simply intent on beautifying the countryside in your community, Urban Forestry Works has the dedicated staff and large tree transplanting expertise to get the job done right.