Why Your Construction Project Needs a Tree Mitigation Service

Urban Forestry Work’s tree mitigation service is an essential part of any construction project. The right tree development strategy helps minimize compliance costs, conforms to local tree mitigation ordinances, and identifies which trees are considered high value and worth relocating, or even selling to help recover some of the overall project development costs.

Tree Mitigation, City of Tampa
Tree Mitigation, City of Tampa

In addition, our tree mitigation service assists clients in creating tree protection plans that comply with local zoning guidelines for writing contract specifications, development, and performing on-site monitoring. These services are highly essential to the success of your construction project as well as the life of the trees.

Tree mitigation is the act of compensating for the removal of a healthy tree by planting a proportionate number of replacement trees based on the species and size of each existing tree, which is lost or taking other actions to restore and biologically enhance existing green space. Tree mitigation is important to a construction project in that it helps restore existing green space.

During construction, even the smallest activity can lead to grave damage to the green space in a community. Some of these damages are irreversible and cannot completely be repaired. In addition to protecting valuable trees from harm, a tree mitigation service will help preserve the natural beauty of landscapes in the community while preserving the desired aesthetics of a construction project.

Aside from protecting trees during construction, our tree development strategies promote on-site implementation & monitoring, advance planning, and post-construction care. We monitor the construction site to make sure you meet plan specifications and applicable regulatory requirements. The right tree mitigation strategy will not only lead to a successful construction project but can also save your company thousands of dollars complying with local tree mitigation ordinances.  Using a tree mitigation company that also performs on-site tree relocations can further increase the project’s development cost savings.

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