Urban Forestry Works Recognized by CARES Program

This week, Urban Forestry Works was honored to be recognized under the CARES program at the Volusia County Commission meeting at the county seat in DeLand, Florida.

The award is presented by Florida Farm Bureau as part of their CARES program that recognizes Florida farmers and ranchers who show exemplary effort to protect Florida’s natural resources through their management practices. CARES stands for County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship. Over 800 farmers and ranchers have been recognized under the program in Florida.

Urban Forestry Works was particularly recognized for their innovation in strategically recycling the properties natural water resources to irrigate our home farm in Barberville, FL (link to page). Surface water on the farm is recycled using a strategic system of ponds and canals to irrigate the entire farm and recharge itself as a self sufficient water source that keeps our inventory of mature trees thriving every day.

Our family truly values stewardship and environmental stewardship is a large part of our commitment to this land. For years, our family has answered the call to protect our environment while also producing safe, affordable, and abundant agricultural products. We are fully committed to growing quality trees that will live far beyond our generation. Our trees tell a story of a generation that was committed to protecting the next.

You can read more about the Florida Farm Bureau’s CARES program at www.thisfarmcares.org